Special Service: "Reconnecting to the Vision"

David Futrell


Description:We take this Sunday to recast the vision of worship & intercession in the House of Prayer from Isaiah 62:6-7"Do Not Keep Silent"

"Father, I Desire" series

David Futrell


Description:This series of messages came from a simple question posed to me by Holy Spirit: “What is the desire of Jesus and what is it that He desires?”JOHN 17:24

Understanding the End-Times: "A House of the Watchful & Wise"

David Futrell


Description:The Church of Jesus Christ will be defined as the watchful and wise church in the hour of His appearing.

Night & Day Conference: Friday Night Teaching #2

David Futrell


Description:"The Identity of God's People: House of Prayer"Isaiah 56:7

"Prophetic History of IHOP-Miami"

David Futrell


Description:We share some of the stories and prophetic history from over the past 8 years of our journey.

"A Season to Cry Out"

David Futrell


Description:A message from Luke 18:1-8 in light of the spiritual state of our nation.

"Living For Eternity" series Part #2

David Futrell


Description:We look at what the Bible says about our eternal testimony and history with Jesus.

"Living For Eternity" series intro

David Futrell


Description:Teaching Notes for Session #1