Forgiven but not forgotten

Pastor Jim


Description:Are you a disciple? Do you forgive and forget?or are you a believer who neither forgives nor forgets

Forgiven even as we forgive

Pastor Jim


Description:Right in the heart of the Lord's prayer is the reminder that we are only forgiven if and when we forgive others.Why?Do you understand how the integrity of God's grace is at stake, in whether we allow it to flow through us to others?

Forgiveness is not easy

Pastor Jim


Description:Jesus tells a story in Matthew 18, suggesting that the debt forgiven to us is huge, and that we are to forgive if we want to be forgiven. But its not easy!

Emmanuel - God With Us

Pastor Jim


Description:Is the verse saying God is with us, orGod is WITH us!

DVCS Christmas

Children from DVCS


Description:Christmas musical program

I am: The Messiah

Pastor Jim


Description:Since Eden, people have been searching, looking for the Messiah. The question is whether you have found Him for yourself?

I am: the light of the world

Pastor Jim


Description:Are you covered and bathed in light?If people look at you, do you redirect them to Jesus?Are you secure in the reality of when God looks at you all he sees is Jesus light?

I am: the Door!

Pastor Jim


Description:Doors are like boundaries. Jesus says he is our door!He wants to protect you, save you, and allow you to have a abundant life!

I am: the way

Pastor Jim


Description:Jesus said: I am the way the truth and the life!Period. Plus nothing!Using ladders we explore the dynamic of Jesus alone!

I am, who I am

Pastor Jim


Description:We being a new series this week, looking at the name God chooses to be called. What are the practical implications?What are the issues? And how can this help us disciples trust Him even more!

So it Begins

Pastor Jim


Description:We examine the focus of Jesus life, to lay down his life, in love, for you. It is both ugly, and very very beautiful.Due to technical difficulties, the whole worship serive is included here.

Relearning it all over again!

Pastor Jim


Description:Chapter three continues to press deeper into the new way of understanding how God works! Its all about Jesus!The disciples are relearning on the job. The pharisees are plotting to stop the new ideas.

Getting to the important

Pastor Jim


Description:Getting to the important

What happened to - ?

Pastor Jim


Description:We start a new series on the gospel of mark, known also as Peter's gospel. And what a refreshing picture he paints. Gone is the temple thinking, replaced by a fresh amazing direct relationship with the messiah, the anointed one, God himself.

Go Up Baldhead

Pastor Jim


Description:We finish the series on Elijah today, with this final chapter of God using him, before amazingly coming to take him alive, to heaven in a chariot. A sinner, an un perfect man, unless you look at him through Jesus as indeed absolutely completely perfect in Christ alone!

What are you doing here?

Pastor Jim


Description:Ever disappointed God? Or at least yourself and think he must be angry too? Well guess what? He isn't!Hear the story of God's taking care of Elijah while he is unfaithful.

How Long Halt Ye!

Pastor Jim


Description:Before we get too hard on the people of Elijah's day, maybe we ought to talk about where we halt between opinions.

No Good Deed Goes . . .

Pastor Jim


Description:We begin a series now on the role and ministry of the prophet Elijah.

Do you believe in a good cause

Richard Coffen


Description:Dr Coffen engages with the book of Ephesians.

Daniel: Knowing Stuff

Pastor Jim


Description:Daniel 12 says knowledge shall be increased.Tired of all the new gadjets, updates, toys, tools, wifi, bluetooth . . . are you a victim of future shock.Or are the issues being described far larger than just the amazing rush in technology

1844 & Judgment

Pastor Jim


Description:There are some things in scripture that are repeated and very clear, others not so much.God is good! All the time! is found from beginning to end. Unfortunately some have attempted to change the story from being about God to about us.

Daniel: Disciple Under Pressure

Pastor Jim


Description:The great story of Daniel and the Lions, allows us to attempt to dig deep and discover what is core about our own lives.

Acts 2 People

Pastor Gisella


Description:Acts 2 is a fascinating description of a group of disciples who take the life and teaching of Jesus seriously. Pastor Gisella shares the consequences and pratical applications of this important passage of scripture.

Caviar to . . . dirt

Pastor Jim


Description:Nebuchadnezzar was warned in a dream again, but refused to listen. Only after eating dirt, did he finally realize that God is his best friend, Lord and master!

Disciples Pray

Pastor Jim


Description:Do you believe prayer works?We wrestle with the story of God's attempt to help Nebuchadnezzar see the big picture. God wants Neb's heart to turn and become His disciple, to worship him alone, but . . .

It All Points to . . . . . Jesus

Pastor Jim


Description:And why is this day different from all other days?From Genesis to Revelation it all points to Jesus! As an apostle of grace to the church, there can only be one gospel, one story, one reality that we celebrate on this day! Christ died, finished the work and rose to a lfe of celebration with us.It is then that Daniel 9 takes on significance as scripture points directly to the coming of the messiah.

Prince or Disciple

Pastor Jim


Description:We start this new series, examinging the book of Daniel.

What Jesus said . . . about Health

Pastor Jim


Description:Scripture is clear, God wants us to be in health and prosper, even as your soul prospers. Jesus however didn't actually say very much specifically about health issues, but what he did say point to very important concepts for healthy living.

What Jesus said . . . about Life

Pastor Jim


Description:Sadly, most think immediately of asking what must I do, to have life! That is not what Jesus said. He said He was the Life. He said He came to give life! He said we had life when we have Him.

Afternoon Seminar on Evangelism

Pastor Myckal Morehouse


Description:Excellent seminar on friendship evangelism

What Jesus said . . . about Heaven

Pastor Jim


Description:Heaven is real! Do I know where it is? No!Jesus told us he was going somewhere to prepare a place.Heaven for me is simply whereever Jesus is. I have a lot to learn, but the huge blessing is heaven is not just for good boys and girls . . .Vimeo Version 1080p

What Jesus said . . . about Death

Pastor Jim


Description:Maybe scripture is confusing. Maybe you have a hard time believing anything.Truth is, either Jesus is absolutely stark raving mad, or he is exactly who he said he was, and is, ANDhe knows about death and what happens next.

Philippians 4: Final words if . . .

Pastor Jim


Description:What do people remember about us?Paul attempts to pass on wisdom to the Philippians in chapter four, with words collected and spoken with passionate emphasis.

Philippians 3: Paul and his boasting addiction

Pastor Jim


Description:Addictions are simply the way you manage your pain apart from Jesus. You need more and more of them, instead of finding peace in Him.

Created New

Pastor Gisella


Description:The last day of the year mesage

Reconsidering the Christmas Story

Pastor Jim


Description:What if the babe in the manger was disregarded as being too small, too insignificanat?What if the babe in the manger was a universe changer, that affected the entire universe however large that might be?

12-17 Christmas Program

Pastor Gisella


Description:Pastor Gisella has a brief message before the children's program.

DV Worship 12-10-16

Pastor Jim & Pastor Joel


Description:I will use any excuse to talk to the world about Jesus.Our african friends don't tend to celebrate Christmas, butwe invite them to talk about Jesus whenever possible.We bring gifts, or receive gifts? which is better?

The Agony of Giving

Pastor Jim


Description:Christmas is not just joy and receiving,Simeon clearly told Mary that a sword will pierce your own heart.Christmas is a far bigger story than what we often hear! Christmas has far more value to each person if they would just listen to the real story.

Expressions of Thanks

Pastor Gisella


Description:Pastor Gisella investigates the story of the 10 lepers, and discovers the benefits for personal happiness from being thankful.

Philippians 2: Applying the Core

Pastor Jim


Description:Application or artifacts, beliefs and values all eminate forth from the core of what is true.We examine several different cores that exist in the Christian world, and suggest the core that we hold firm here at Desert Valley Grace to you!

Michael Harris

Michael Harris


Description:Michael Harris shared in music and the word.

Philippians 1: What is Core?

Pastor Jim


Description:We begin a new series, as we study the book of Philippians. Paul is in prison, and as we read what he says, it is amazing to see his attitude in the midst ofNegative surroundings! Why? How can he do that? What makes him tick?